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Phelan, CA 92371
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Note: California is a community property state.

Mortgage Solutions Financial is the best home mortgage company for residents and investors in Phelan, California. We can help you buy a new home, invest in property, make home improvements, refinance a current mortgage or consolidate debt.

Phelan, California is surrounded by magnificent mountain ranges. Only 90 minutes from LA and 30 minutes from San Bernardino, Phelan, California is prime real estate and a great place to raise your family. At Mortgage Solutions Financial we intend to keep you and your family in your own home for many years, providing you with a sound financial future.

Why Mortgage Solutions Financial?

The specialists at Mortgage Solutions Financial will consult with you so that you understand your current financial status. We want to fit you with the right loan and the best payment plan. Our goal is to put you on the road to financial freedom with a low rate, simplified loan. There are many options by which residents of Phelan, California can lower their monthly payments. It is important that your monthly obligations are realistic and comply with your current financial outlook and budgetary restrictions.

Ask Mortgage Solutions Financial about USDA loans, FHA loans, VA loans and all the loan tools available to you. You might be able to lower your monthly payments and pay off your home sooner. Call Mortgage Solutions Financial of Phelan, California to learn more about your options today.