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Mortgage Solutions Victorville
12530 Hesperia Road Suite 201
Victorville, CA 92395
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Note: California is a community property state.

At Mortgage Solutions Financial we understand the dream of home ownership in Victorville, California, the “Key City of the High Desert.” Our goal is to help as many buyers as possible achieve that dream. Our professional agents are experienced in new home buying, refinancing and debt consolidation. They are experts in matching our clients’ current financial statuses with the loan tools that put them on the road to financial freedom. In fact, at our Mortgage Solutions Financial in Victorville, California, we protect your future.

When applying for a loan — be it an FHA loan, VA loan or a loan through the USDA — it is important to consult with mortgage experts who are familiar with the local economy. We match your individual financial status to the best loan tool. If we are able to guide you to a solution that reduces your down payment or monthly mortgage payment, we have accomplished our goal. It is important to us that your payments stay within your budget so that you feel secure in your own home.

The professionals at Mortgage Solutions Financial can help you understand the fees associated with any loan available to you. We intend to keep them to a minimum so that you can put even more money back into your pocket. We know from experience that you can achieve your dream of owning a great home even if you didn’t think you could because of income or credit score. The Mortgage Solutions Financial branch in Victorville, California offers expert resources and an experienced staff ready to help you get the home you want. Contact us today!